Last Week for Seniors

Hi seniors! Some good news from the admins:
"If seniors have completed their final exams and coursework for their current classes, they do not have to report to school next week. Absences next week will not count against them for the graduation or prom requirement. If seniors are on campus next week, the expectation will be that it is solely for the purpose of finishing up their final exams and coursework requirements for graduation so that we don't have seniors just hanging out for the day."


As the date for RCSA's 2018 graduation moves closer, we wanted to send out some information regarding this important event.Graduation will be taking place at Lazzara Hall at the University of North Florida on Tuesday, May 29th at 7:00 pm. Students will be required to attend a mandatory rehearsal earlier that same day at 1:00 pm.As mentioned earlier this year, there is a required $100 senior fee that covers the cost of the graduation venue and the cap and gown for the event, which students will be able to keep after the event is over. The deadline for paying this senior fee is Friday, May 4th. This fee also includes 10 tickets for friends and family members to attend the commencement ceremony. This will be all of the tickets we are able to give out for this event. If you do not need all 10 of your tickets, you may certainly turn them back in to the school or pass them along to other students who are graduating and need more.  Seniors can pay the $100 fee to Ms. Angie.The parking lo…

Yearbook Ordering

Hi seniors! Reminder that you can order yearbooks at:Yearbookordercenter.comSchool code: 15149

Senior Meeting

If you missed the senior meeting this morning, please make sure you sign this form and turn it in.
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To print this form, click the arrow button in the top right corner to open it in a new window, and then print or save from there.

Senior Meeting

There will be a senior meeting tomorrow at 8:30am in the cafeteria. We will be going over important graduation information and getting cap and gown sizes, so don't miss it!

Senior Trip

There will be one last mandatory meeting in Dalton's room for Seniors going on the senior trip.

Senior Trip

There will be a mandatory meeting at lunch on Wednesday in Mr. Dalton's room for all of the seniors who are planning on attending the senior trip.